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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Tip and Summer Fun

I am learning that during the summer it is almost impossible to get anything done.  I mean, anything!  Dishes in the sink, laundry on the basement floor... you get the idea.  This past weekend we had a swim team relay carnival (I swam a leg on the mom's relay!), the team talent show and the Lock-In (a big sleepover at the pool where the kids play pool games, make s'mores and tell ghost stories around a firepit and then spend the night at the pool).  A long weekend of fun for the kids and exhausting for the parents. 

In between taking my kids to their activities, I have been trying very hard to get my inventory ready for next month's opening at On A Whim.  I just finished this great little beach-chic table in a mixture of blue and gray with a vintage sparkly pull that was left over from my Revere Pewter dresser.  I love how this turned out!  After painting on the blue, I added gray and then distressed it back and the finish is lovely.  My great tip for the day:  you don't need to use sandpaper to distress chalk paint!  I used a magic clean sponge and I have also heard that clorox wipes work just as well.  This is great as I am pretty tired of being covered in chalk dust.  Although, in order to achieve a very smooth finish, a sanding down with a high grit sandpaper (I use 600) will give the piece a wonderful, silky smooth finish. 

Today I am working on another side table that is filthy but in good shape, with good lines and has neat wire mesh doors.  For this project, I am going to try and make my own chalk paint using Behr flat paint with plaster of paris mixed in.  Stay tuned for the results! It is funny how after decades of use , I can't imagine using latex anymore.  The chalk paint is so much easier to apply, distress and mix colors with.

I am begininng to work on a fantastic plank table with ironwork underneath.  Very, oui oui French!  My mother found it at a thrift store and I am looking forward to transforming it.  I know it is going to be beautiful when done.  I also found a cane back chair with a shell carving on top.  It is currently upholstered in hideous orange 1970's fabric but with new paint and new fabric will look faboulous!

I just sold the vintage bench on Etsy.  Now I need to get it from the Barn and work on shipping it to Staten Island.  Funny thing is that I was just there and could have dropped it off myself a few weeks ago!  I am happy that it has sold and will be making its journey to its new home soon!  I really love this piece for an entryway or at the foot of a bed.  Great storage with fun vintage charm.

I plan on painting, painting, painting all week whenever possible.  I hope to have my sideboard brought indoors to be finished and photographed.  It needs to be waxed but the 100 degree temps outside are making this impossible in our garage.  Obviously, the wax pretty much melts in the heat!  Once done, I can finally update my "Projects" page.  In the meantime, off to tie-die some t-shirts with my kids.  My kitchen is a mess already and they have been looking forward to it for weeks!


Just Sold!  Will be traveling to NY soon!

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