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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Whitewashed Brick

Our family room has quite a large fireplace and hearth.  While the brick was attractive, it needed brightening up.    I like the texture and look of brick and didn't want to paint a thick coat on top to hide it.  I wanted to enhance it.

I started to think of the brick houses that I love.  The ones that have been painted white and left to distress through the years.  I love those homes.

So, I thought that this look was what I should try to achieve.

Here is a pic of the fireplace before.  I think you can see what I mean about attractive brick but really quite dark and boring.  It takes up the entire length of the room...

Well, I decided to just dive in.  First, I painted the mantel in white, distressed and waxed it.  Then, on to the brick.  I was hoping I'd like the result because I would be stuck with it!  I made a wash with Annie Sloan white chalk paint and water.  Here it is being applied...

oh, my.  I think I like what I see...

and LOVE how it turned out (really, thank goodness)!

The before and after is truly amazing.  The room is now bright and the mantel really pops. I adore the farmhouse, distressed look.  Oh, what paint can do!

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  1. It turned out beautiful and has me second guessing my having painted my brick PURE white!!!
    Gorgeous transformation

  2. Oh I am SO going to do this next time my husband goes out of town. It came out great!!!

  3. I love it! You said you made a wash, did you paint it on & wipe it off real fast?Or.. what did ya do? :D

    1. Hi Jesse, I actually just dipped my brush and saturated it in water, then dipped it into the paint and haphazardly brushed it on. If it looked too thick in one place, I added water to my brush and went over it again. Cheers!

  4. What an incredible difference! Well done, it looks beautiful!

  5. Did you wax it or leave it natural?

  6. Inspired! What percentage of paint to water did you use?

  7. I love this! I want to do this on the brick alcove that houses my range, but I'm concerned that cooking steam might damage the chalk paint unless I seal it. Did you use the Annie Sloan sealant as a final coat? Also, the only water was that in the saturated brush, correct? Thanks!


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