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Hi, I'm Suzanne and I'm a stay at home mother to three. I have started my own vintage furniture business and am writing this blog to document its journey from idea to reality. My favorite things include my Matthew, Ella and Sophie, my handsome husband and all things PAINT! Believe me, I am not an experienced business person but I do know how to sand, strip, paint and am a DIY queen, so please follow along as I navigate the ups and downs of The Painted Drawer. Please join in the fun and become a member or subscribe. Cheers!

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting from Here to There

Sunday evening and I am stressing out a little.  I need to get all of my furniture to Lucketts on Thursday and I only own a minivan.  This means a lot of trips back and forth and I am not exactly around the corner from my destination.  I looked into renting a UHaul but by the time all is said and done, it will cost quite a bit.  So, my good old Honda Odyssey will do the trick.  My other problem is that my husband has a bad back, my father does also, and I have a huge sideboard and dresser to move.  I am hoping for some help from my neighbor's teenage son (McDonalds gift cards or cash?) and I know there is help the other end.  It's kind of difficult starting a furniture business with no way to move the furniture!

Sitting here feeling a little nervous, I am hoping that I am doing the right thing by taking on the space.  The thing is, I really do want it.  I hope my gut instinct is right on this one.  It was just a lot easier not worrying about getting all of these pieces done, figuring out the logistics of the move and hoping that people actually like my things and want to buy them - that one is huge.

It has added to the stress by having this happen during the summer madness!  The kid's activities and running the house is kind of putting me over the edge a little.  It's better now swimteam ended and last Thursday was dedicated to cleaning/organizing the house.  My kids came to the rescue and helped do laundry, cleaned their rooms, swept and swiffered and even helped move furniture!  I do love them so.

OK, enough moaning and groaning...
The gray/blue was the yellow table in my previous post

In preparation for the big day (!), I have been super busy painting and trying to get as many pieces done as possible.  I have completed a few little side tables, am working on a curvy cabinet and really want to do the fantastic plank table that is just calling my name every day from the garage.  I did try and make my own chalk paint but it is definitely a learning process.  Let's just say, the recipe needs some tweaking! 

Without her wheel, she looks like she's dancing!
Sorry for such a bad picture of my lovely sideboard.  I really wanted to get it inside and "stage" it for pics but it's too heavy to move inside just for a picture or two and then out again to Lucketts on Thursday.  I hope to finish it up before then and will have some good pics of it in its new space.  Looking forward to seeing it there safe and sound - so nervous about the move!!


  1. Your sideboard is just beautiful!!! Hey Suzanne...just stopped by to let you know that I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award. It's for up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Congrats ~ Judy


  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback and the nomination! I am going now to check it out.



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