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Hi, I'm Suzanne and I'm a stay at home mother to three. I have started my own vintage furniture business and am writing this blog to document its journey from idea to reality. My favorite things include my Matthew, Ella and Sophie, my handsome husband and all things PAINT! Believe me, I am not an experienced business person but I do know how to sand, strip, paint and am a DIY queen, so please follow along as I navigate the ups and downs of The Painted Drawer. Please join in the fun and become a member or subscribe. Cheers!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

French Country Beauty and Elmer

Another week has gone by and here is a quick update on The Painted Drawer.  It has been a fun week of treasure hunting with some great finds!

First of all, the stately chest of drawers made its way safely to its new home in Florida thanks to a fantastic shipper, Mike!  How lucky was I to find him!  He arrived on time, wrapped each drawer individually and placed the whole dresser safely into the back of his van.  All while having a great conversation with my mother on all things England (she is British). Thanks again, Mike!  Christa loves the new addition to her home and all turned out well. 

I met a wonderful young woman today, Michelle.  She is a third grade teacher and is getting married in the fall.  They just bought their first house and are looking to make it over in their own style.  Oh, I remember those pre-kids days!  She chose a really sweet cabinet that I just found last week.  It is a true unique vintage find and will look great in Annie Sloan Old White.  Michelle also has a side table that is an old family piece.  It is screaming out for a makeover and that will be my next project.  I know it will look fantastic when it's done.  I will post the before/after pics and am really looking forward to making an old family piece work in its new modern home.

I also finished the most gorgeous dresser - ever.  I really love this one!  Solid oak and full of vintage charm with curves and elegant carving, it is just a fantastic French Country find!  This poor piece was in bad shape and needed emergency care!  I finished it in a lovely cream paint and refinished the top to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.  This gem has original old glass pulls (shiny and like new after a good clean) and brass keyholes in the drawers.  She is now sitting pretty and proud in my living room just waiting for her next home. 

Another fun find was a little chest of drawers with true farmhouse charm.  I mean this one is old, old, old!  Really rustic.  It looks like it was just taken out of an old barn and I LOVE it.  Someone has etched "Elmer" onto its drawer at one point in its life.  Hence, the girls and I named him Elmer.  He is almost good to go.  Amazing little charmer that has probably been hidden away for absolutely decades.  Pics to come!

No hunting for the next few days.  Baseball, softball and a few field trips stand in my way.  Oh, today I received the business cards I designed.  Pretty good :)  It all helps to make me a little more official!

Enjoy the picture of the curvy French Country gem.  I hope to have it listed soon on Etsy with a few better photos!  I hope you like!

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