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Hi, I'm Suzanne and I'm a stay at home mother to three. I have started my own vintage furniture business and am writing this blog to document its journey from idea to reality. My favorite things include my Matthew, Ella and Sophie, my handsome husband and all things PAINT! Believe me, I am not an experienced business person but I do know how to sand, strip, paint and am a DIY queen, so please follow along as I navigate the ups and downs of The Painted Drawer. Please join in the fun and become a member or subscribe. Cheers!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lovely Lines

The absolute, without doubt, funnest thing in the WORLD, is finding that hidden gem buried amidst junk at a yardsale or thrift store.  I just grin from ear to ear when I see something that will transform into a beautiful piece for the home. 

Another love of mine is perusing the blog world, pinterest, and magazines for design inspiration.  I love all design.  Sometimes, when I see a really beautiful picture, I actually get teary eyed!  I love beautiful things and wanted to share a few of my favorites.  You can see the lovely lines that I look for and imagine my joy at finding them and bringing their beauty back to life. 

Christian Dior hat and gown, Paris, 1954 (gorgeous) and the lines in the ironwork on my table...

I also have a "thing" for curved bowfront dressers...

My curvy legged table almost mimics exactly the lovely curves on this bathing beauty:

My ooh, la la french tables...

...would fit perfectly in the picture below...

...as would my curvy chair (even Baxter would fit right in!).  I rescued this chair, which was literally in bits and pieces, from the curb.  I saw a curved arm and knew I had to stop and pick it up.  After paint and wax, screws, glue and a good scrub, it is transformed to its lovely self!

Below is a photo of a true french country table.  See the lines of the bottom...

...and here is my lovely plank table -  look familiar?

 I guess by now you can tell I have a "thing" for curves.  Although, I am also in love with rustic simplicity, shown here below in a pic of Rachel Ashwell's house...

...which is seen in my rustic chest, below...

And there you have it.  What I covet when I am out and about scouring everywhere for a hidden treasure!  Speaking of hidden treasures :) my mother deserves a lot of credit for spending her entire summer hunting through countless sales for pieces for The Painted Drawer.  She is my secret scout!

Have a great week in this glorious weather!



  1. I love all of your french shabby finds! I especially love the table with the curved legs and the curvy chair with your cute kitty on it. I have been on the lookout for chairs like that.
    Newly following you and visiting from WW.


  2. ll gorgeous pieces! i need to find something that mimics my lines.... thick chunky legs, a small top, and a little wide around the middle... ;)

  3. That chair is gorgeous. love her curves, details and upholstery. you did such an amazing job with her. And that dresser, oh my, simply to die for!
    great post!

  4. Unbelievable eye you have - gorgeous finds!
    Definitely your newest follower - would love to
    have you come by and follow back when you have the time:)

  5. Delightful finds. Once our worship leader was looking for an organ for the church. He was describing the one he thought would be best (in front of the whole church) and said, the best part is that it has awesome curvy legs. Needless to say he hasn't lived that one down. I love your table best of all!


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